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The Myth of the Sacred Brumby






Forest Action Poems from Australia

and North America

Forest action poetry  has a long history in Australia, where forest activists are often referred to as blockaders. Poetry with a strong save-the-forests  theme probably first appeared in a publication by the (then) Tasmanian Wilderness Society called "The West Wind and Other Verses for the Tasmanian Bush" was in 1980.  A sequel, "Forest Echoes and Other Verses for The Tasmanian Bush" published in 1988.

No collection of forest activists verse has yet been prepared in Australia, here though we present a selection of verse as a gesture in this direction.

In 1998, the American Warrior Poets Society published "Earth First! Campfire Poems", a collection of about 150 poems to come out of the direct action campaigns to save the American wilderness lands over the last 20 years.

These poems form part of  the "eco-warrior" poetry ethic of the Earth First! environmental protest movement.

A selection of these is reproduced here.