(header photographs by Harry Waite 1912-2011)

The Myth of the Sacred Brumby






Jim Barrett
From "Sing with the Wind"
Published by Envirobook 1989

Kedumba Creek
Do not drink Kedumba Creek!
When you're thirsty, elsewhere seek
A thousand demons therein lie,
Awaiting fools like you and I.
Pollution harbours in this sink
Do rot Drink! Do not Drink!
Crystal clear the water seems,
But with hateful life it teems,
For it stems from Leura's drains,
And Katoomba's streets and lanes.
Avoid these waters as if ink
Do not Drink! Do not Drink!
Recall the fate of Kev O'Neill,
Drank the water with his meal,
Then Kedumba Pass ascended,
Raving like a soul demented
Let this be clear to all who think
Do not Drink! Do not Drink!
Ivor tried its fateful lewer,
Drank the stream that was not pure.
Now his vows are widely known,
Leave Kedumba well alone!
Next time you cross, then at it wink
But do not Drink! Do not Drink!
Jim Barrett