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The Myth of the Sacred Brumby






Kevin Cummings
from 'Sing with the Wind'

Published by Envirobook 1989

Some Thoughts Whilst Lying
On A Log Waiting
For A Shirt To Dry
Kanangra Choral
The hills in dark green envy
Raise a thousand masts on high
And slip down as if to launch
Upon the silver tide.
Hawsers creak and strain, green and
Yellow sails rip, rack and roar
As Ti Willa, imitation ship, seeks
To let its anchor slip -- as if
That mighty girth could navigate
Such a narrow firth.
In the distant sounds the Blue Breakers
Beating a miniature surf.
          Kevin D Cummings
"The Waysider"
          November 1966
Depth stands upon depth
upon the nothing at all
of air drawn thinning tall
between shaven towering walls.
Chiffon, shifting curtain waterfall
flutter, billows, curving towards
the flaked floor, where unsure
gnarled feet of trees scratch upon
the uncertain sliding scree.
Small isle in a southern Aegean,
the seriphos spires lance up
to shred the morning sun
crashing into the gulf, blood red
Blue veiled, mist cinctured, golden
wattle rosaried, the distant ranges bend.
Kevin D Cummings
"The Waysider"
September 1968