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The Myth of the Sacred Brumby






Mary Gilmore

From "Sing With The Wind"
Published by "Envirobook" 1989

The Look Down (Bungonia)

Vast is the chasm, and in the deep below
Silence has fallen asleep beneath its tree;
Yet we, above the stark declivity,
Still hear the hush of winds we do not know;
For, in the vague that covers all, the slow
Trail of the air, like floating hair flung free,
Draws with the moving earth; which far stars see
As some titanic head swayed to and fro.
O pigmy man, so like a thistleseed,
Blown hitherward from distant space! O note
In an eternal wind! O little float
On time's scarce entered sea, art thou the crown
Of all immensity? Nay, wouldst thou read
Thy pleas, o'er this dark brink look down, look down!
Mary Gilmore
"The Sydney Morning Herald"
February 4, 1928