(header photographs by Harry Waite 1912-2011)

The Myth of the Sacred Brumby






Here is another little bushwalking ‘poethic’ from the same magazine. This one urges bushwalkers to burn all their rubbish and put their fires out. Note the disparaging reference to “hikers” – people who did not take bushwalking seriously (unlike the real “genus”) and who were careless or unskilled in their bushwalking and camping habits. The reference to “abduling” of tents is also interesting, which is the practise of opening one side of a classic, floorless ‘A’ shaped tent with two poles to form an awning arrangement resembling the abode of the fanciful Abdul the Bedouin. This allowed for maximum ventilation in hot weather and was often done by coastal campers at places such as Era on the Garawarra coast, where the practise was probably first popularised. Abdulling is not possible with floored tents and so is rarely seen today.
Propaganda Corner

There are camp spots, good and plenty
And the genus S.B.W.
Will be there.

By the sea and by the river,
We will doze,
In our tents all nicely abduled
We’ll repose.

We will burn up all the rubbish –
(“Hikers” won’t!)
How can beauty rule the bushland
If we don’t?

When we’re packing up and leaving
Look about!
Is the place all clean and tidy?
Camp fire out?
Really out?

The Sydney Bushwalker”
July 1945