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The Myth of the Sacred Brumby






From Wilf Moon came a prompt reply restoring rationality to the debate:
On Eating Cans And Cartons

It has been suggested we eat cans and cartons,
For carrying isnít much sport.
It seemed good to me Ė I tried it to see Ė
Just last week and hereís my report.

My gums are all cut and my dentures are bust,
My fingers are jagged and sore,
Iíve a pain in the gut cos itís filled up with rust Ė
Itís never been like that before.

It isnít much fun I can tell you,
Walking back home down the track
With an inside thatís filled full of rubbish,
And nothing at all in your pack.

It may be all right in a circus Ė
Eating old swords and the like,
But they donít eat a pile of old garbage Ė
And then try to go for a hike.

Cans are not made for consumption,
And cartons are not made to chew;
Bottles are no good for biting,
And bags arenít best in a stew.

So donít eat that rubbish I beg you,
Be it alloy or plastic or tin,
But bash it and burn it and bag it Ė
Then CARRY it back to a bin.

Wilf Moon
ďThe WaysiderĒ
No. 149 Sept/Oct 1977